Words: Presumably

Presumably when one owns their own domain name said domain name would have relevant content on it. Presumably one would be prepared to have their new co-workers see that site when welcomed to the company.  Presumably if that isn’t the case you don’t care that much and you don’t sweat it.  Yeah… right.  That’s why I’m up at 3:00 am pulling together a quick and dirty resume site at jenvisser.com.  But I’m not going to sweat the fact that I’m not sure this theme is properly responsive, though I will note it and do something about it later.  Really.  That’s going to bug me in the worst way.

{My excuse? I’ve been using this domain and WordPress installation as a test server for clients for the past six months, so it was full of crap content installed just to test themes and provide a quick preview before I started development.}

Of course it wasn’t quite enough to just pull together content – I also need to do some quick SEO, make sure my Google Analytics code is installed and running, submit a sitemap to my friends at Google through Web Master tools, then add a little security and a redirection plugin.  When filling out my social media links I realized my Facebook page link for the blog was crap and should be updated to something simpler.  Which means I’ll need to update the links in Blogger or else maybe I could go ahead and do the migration I’ve been planning from Blogger to WordPress tonight?  No.  Definitely not.  3:00 am is not the time for that.

Compulsive about my site launch checklist?  Who?  Me?

Thankfully I just had new pictures taken by Mackenzie Moffit Photography & Design that I could toss in for a quick visual.  Need quality, fun headshots at a not so expensive price?  Check her out – she’s young and building her business while she’s in college.  Smart woman – I just did workstudy in computer labs…hey wait, maybe that wasn’t so frivolous after all.

Presumably anyone checking out my site in the next few weeks or, let’s be honest, probably six months until I rework it, won’t judge me for the lack of content.  I’m sure I’ll want to rework the whole site before I do the Blogger migration anyway.

Peace out – maybe now I can get some sleep.

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