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Perspective is an element that is going to come into play strongly in the novel I’m (kinda sorta working my way to working on.)  Since we’re in a sci-fi/fantasy world my characters have limited knowledge of how the magic that they use day-to-day works.  To them, the magic exists to fulfill their requirements, it’s limitless, and it always functions exactly as they need and expect it to.  Like our man on the island here, they celebrate the presence of magic as a saving grace (or entrapment depending on the character.)

On the other side of the veil, though, the reader will come face to face with the source that manages the magic.  A source that is entrapped as well, but awakening to the fact that he/she/it has the ability to set limits and change the rules of how the magic works.  Maybe it can even find a way to escape and exist independently.  The question that I haven’t solved yet is whether the source of magic will find the isolated island for its escape, or the shore of a wider world where it can explore, expand or even take over.

This shift in perspective on the source of magic is going to be more important to some characters than others, I’m currently having fun thinking through who would be affected by a total loss of the magic they count on and who would be oblivious, or even find it a relief.  And what would the source of magic do without these vessels/supplicants who come to it for power?  Would it get bored?  Go crazy?  Find new mischief and new supplicants?  Is that how demons came to be – a bored and lonely source of magic responding to the calls of the desperate?

So many options.  The Words project is having surprising benefits in my story development.

Have you incorporated a shift in perspective as a plot element in your writing?  How did it go?

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