Words: Loquacious

I won’t lie. I had to look this one up.

Loquacious: “liking to talk and talking smoothly and easily” per Merriam-Webster

This is a hard word for me to identify with, while I can certainly talk, at length, about some topics I would never call it easy, and I’m usually afraid I start talking too fast if I’m really into my subject which means I’m not all that smooth either. So it’s hard to use this word in the context of one of my characters. Though surely some, perhaps even many of them, are loquacious. But maybe they are the characters I haven’t discovered yet. Politicians? Holy women? Educators? Con artists? Madmen?

writing prompt loquacious

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“Of all the sins and all the fears of mankind none is worse than that of self-doubt. Persisting in a mistrust of your own divine worth and value is a sin against yourself and those around you. The belief that you do not have the power to change your life, your world, and your faith undermines the basic force of creation, and holds back growth all around you. By holding back from faith in yourself you create doubt in the hearts of others who fully comprehend your worth, but your self-doubt causes them to question their self-worth as well, for if you question yourself, surely they must do the same.”

This loquacious speech had a spellbound crowd of one, and that one had yet to decide if the speaker was a holy woman, a con artist, or simply mad.  Gerry watched her from across the room, watched her body movements, her eyes, to fathom some clue as to whether the woman was a zealot, a fake, or disturbed.  The slight eye twitch wasn’t truly a tell, she could be tired, stressed or suffering withdrawl of anything from caffeine to an anti-psychotic.  Her posture seemed relaxed, earnest, which nearly ruled out madness.  The mad were usually agitated and tense, but a con or a zealot could appear at ease naturally or through training.

Her expression was earnest as she sought eye contact around the room.  Either a very good con or a true believer then.

Gerry hid in shadow and watched the woman rather than be caught considering her.

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