Words: “I do” take 1

Wedding countdown: 112 days

There’s still plenty of time, right?  But there are two words that I need to figure out, or at least the words that surround them.  “I do.”  We know that our non-traditional ceremony is going to be short, but if I can’t figure out what else I’m going to say that’s going to be really short.

As always when I can’t figure out what to do I scramble for research.  I’ve been pinning all sorts of random things to Pinterest boards for months, of course, but the words… those just aren’t something I can take lightly.  This is a promise.  A big one.  And I want it to be right.  It needs to be romantic and sincere, yes?  But how much romance do you build in when between the two of you you simply can not pinpoint when it was you actually started dating?  We have a range, it was sometime in the Spring of 2012, before L’s birthday.  We can remember that part because I was terrified at meeting his whole family so soon. (It turned out just fine, I adore them.)

We’re also the people who stand at the back door, coaching the dogs and giggling to ourselves and each other as we slowly and quietly get everything into position so the dogs can launch out the door and scare the living hell out of the squirrels they will likely never catch.  Romantic?  If you match that up with slightly evil.

And in that same vein, when we went to a breast cancer awareness ceremony where they were giving away pink CFL bulbs we had the exact same thought – “let’s replace the coach lights that beam into our house from the neighbors’ front yard, the ones that make you feel like a car is about to barrel into the house at any moment, with these.”  (We never did.)

So are we right for each other?  Heck, yeah.  But romance is another beast.

Back to researching the words “I do”

I’ve picked up two books recently – The Offbeat Bride by Ariel Meadow Stallings, which appealed to me at the library because of the juxtaposition of the tattooed bride and the graphical elements of the cover, and The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows & Traditions, which seemed practical if a little less clever. The Offbeat Bride reassured me that really, we can do whatever we want and the wedding will still be special because it’s ours – I ate this book up like really good wedding cake, and have found more inspiration from the associated website, offbeatbride.com.  I’ve put a ton of sticky notes into the vows book, but don’t feel like I’ve made significant progress on making any decisions, nor do I have anything to talk to my officiant (hi Marsha) or fiancee about yet.

I did wrap up designing the wedding invitations today, and we stumbled onto some great words for that that spoke to both of us immediately.   (Thank you Pinterest!)

They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

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