Words: “I did, we did, it’s done.”

Before the wedding I was very concerned about the words I’d use for my vows.  I expected to angst over it several times on this blog.  Reality is, I didn’t have time to blog leading up to the wedding and most of the words for our ceremony came to me one night at 2:00 am when I was stressing out over to-do lists and couldn’t sleep.  And, I realized after the fact, neither of us actually said “I do.” though we did commit to each other, and we’re happily married now.

The quote that I shared in the previous post really was the lynch pin for the whole conversation.  While we both loved the sentiment of the quote, it had special meaning to me and that’s what I used as an intro to our vows:

The wedding quote.

The wedding quote.

The quote that we chose for the wedding has special meaning to me. When we first met when I was 20 and you were 18, I was drawn to you, but neither of us was ready.  When I graduate from college and said my goodbyes to my Happy Joe’s colleagues, you were working…and you don’t remember this,but it stuck with me.  I joked that you guys should be sure not to forget me, and you replied “Never” in a more serious tone than usual.  That stuck with me all this time, and I remembered it each of the times that our spheres crossed over the years.
All these years later, when we reconnected, that easy intimacy from the 20 and 18-year old us came back right away.  Really – there was no other choice but to be together, because now it was time and we were ready.
Things are getting serious...

Things are getting serious…

And, despite all my self-assurance that I was cool, I was ready for this, I did start to cry as I tried to tell the story.  Sheesh.  Moving on… here’s the rest

Today we seal the deal, husband and wife.  I look forward to living out our lives together – I look forward to hiking mountains together, sharing our sarcastic humor, reading while you fish, and going our separate ways every so often so that we can celebrate our independence by coming home and telling our stories to one another.
As your wife I promise to love you fiercely, guard your heart from harm, take your family (yes all of them) as my own, and face whatever the future brings us together.  This ring is a symbol of my promise and my devotion, with it I thee wed.

Not a single “I do” along the way.  And I stumbled over the archaic “I thee wed” when the time came.

My darling brother also caught the whole thing on video on his iPhone, which I would share, but the file is huge and I’m an idiot about video and can’t figure out how to re-size it.  Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.  In the meantime I also tried to get a hashtag campaign going of #jbjvwed so that I could pull together a story on storify.  It kind of worked.



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