Words: Ephemera

Ephemera is going to be a tough word to incorporate into my characters’ thoughts.  To me, while ephemera itself tends to have a nostalgia to it, it’s a modern concept.  When I first started to learn about altered books and altered trading cards a decade ago (or more?) I also started collecting ephemera to build out my designs.  Sadly, a lot of it either got tossed or given away prior to my last move because it had been sitting there for about eight years, unused.  I think I enjoyed the collecting far more than the creating.  Unless it had to do with alphabets.

Alphabets, I love – an extension of words, I’m sure.  I’ve kept all the alphabet stamps, stickers, tiles, and even some ransom note style letters cut out of magazines because I just can’t stand to give those up.  I collect fonts too. And I learned something new about fonts today when I was wasting time cruising Pinterest this morning.  Did you know that there are extra flourishes, ligatures and variations on letters included in many font packs?  I did not, and it seems the proper term for them is glyphs.  Are you as intrigued as I was?  This tutorial by Michelle at Elegance and Enchantment shows you how to access them step by step.

Design School – How to create gorgeous typography using glyphs

I’ve been avoiding the desire to play with fonts all day long – I have a growing board of quotes on Pinterest – titled “Words“, of course, that I want to turn into signs now that I know about this.  The perfect pairing for those signs would be my neglected box of ephemera.  (See how I turned this whole post back around?)

One of my new favorites from that board.

Louis L'Amour Quote

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