Words: Aah

“Aah, my eyes!”  I spent too long working on the blog.  I’ve been staring at the computer screen way too long today, and my eyes are telling me about it.

“Aah!  Inspiration!” I really hope that I set myself up for success with this today – re-tackling the Words project means that I have weekly posts scheduled into 2016 (not written, just planned) and the full month of November set for NaNoBloMo.  Crazy thing is, I’ve still got writing prompts that aren’t scheduled.  I decided to leave some open for days when I’m inspired to write more and just looking for good ideas.  Sure – that’s it.

“Aah, distraction.” It didn’t help that I had reason to look several things up today, which led to wandering around the ‘net.  Which meant more time on the computer not doing the things I initially intended to do.  Pinterest, anyone?

“Aah, bliss.”  That’s the one that I want to get to, and my favorite use for this word. Right now it has me thinking of Red Mountain in Utah, or the Oregon Coast.

Cannon Beach, Oregon Fall 2014

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