My Words Project

word cloud with #wordsThe title for this blog, “Words” comes from a project I did on my 40th Birthday, trying to inspire myself to follow through on my goals to get the writing juices flowing and write at least one of the many novels in my head.  I sent forty postcards to forty friends and family.  I asked each of them to tell me their favorite words.  I would then use those words as writing prompts to keep me motivated.

I got an amazing group of words back – and if you ever want to make sure that you get a lot of cool mail, this is a great thing to try!

I’m still working through the list.  It hasn’t been an easy road to focus on my writing as my second career.  Along the way I fell in love, and am still planning my wedding.  That stuff gets in the way, so does work, so did failed attempts at joining or creating four different writer’s groups to try to keep up the motivation.

Since the project started I’ve moved my blog from Blogger over to WordPress and tried to get organized again and again.  Thankfully I’ve had some inspiration along the way, and since I’m a tech geek I keep learning more about what I can do in WordPress to customize content.

Words Posts