Under Construction – AGAIN

Do you remember in the 90s when every domain you went to had the cute little construction cones and caution tape, or the animated .gif of the dude with a jackhammer and “This Site Under Construction” in 40 point font?  Yeah, well… I’ve been trying to convert this blog over from Blogger to WordPress for a year now and keep letting myself get stalled by details.

Tonight I attended a “kick in the pants” meeting of the Iowa Tech Chicks where I realized I will never use my blog conversion as fodder for content for this blog so I just need to tackle the project and get back to writing.  Thanks ladies, and in particular @RedheadReverie for the inspirational presentation.

The upshot? You get the “Under Construction” post which is really my commitment to gaining some focus, clarity, and figuring out exactly which of the 200 responsive WordPress themes that I’ve bookmarked (because I can’t commit to a final design direction I want to take) that I really want to use.

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