Writing Prompts

Thoughts on writing in general, inspirations, blocks, great advice that I find online or in person that I think I should share.

Words: Seaside

beach writing prompt

Since I don’t live anywhere near the ocean/sea I don’t get to use this word very often.  Seaside is a term reserved for vacations, or stolen hours while I’m traveling on business trips.  Every (incredibly scientific) internet personality survey I’ve completed recently, though, tells me that I should be living seaside.  The seaside around the…

Words: Ephemera

ephemera bingo card

Ephemera is going to be a tough word to incorporate into my characters’ thoughts.  To me, while ephemera itself tends to have a nostalgia to it, it’s a modern concept.  When I first started to learn about altered books and altered trading cards a decade ago (or more?) I also started collecting ephemera to build…

The Light of Twilight

Photo that inspired the writing prompt

(Originally posted with the title The Wonder of Twilight in response to a writing prompt by Amy Knepper on the Google+ Writer’s Discussion Group.) As the sun dropped below the mountains that surrounded San Raphael she watched the lights of the city come to life. First one or two, maybe those the less frugal had…

Words: Aah

Cannon Beach, Oregon Fall 2014

“Aah, my eyes!”  I spent too long working on the blog.  I’ve been staring at the computer screen way too long today, and my eyes are telling me about it. “Aah!  Inspiration!” I really hope that I set myself up for success with this today – re-tackling the Words project means that I have weekly…

Yearning to Head Off The Beaten Path

Image courtesy of 63025.com I found a kindred spirit via Medium last week. (Not A medium fortune teller type, but Medium “A better place to read and write things that matter” per their tagline.)  For years I’ve been too lazy and cheap to book travel for my vacations, so instead I turn to my battered…