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I’ve maintained a blog since 2005, believe it or not. I haven’t done it consistently, and the subject matter has been all over the map, but my timestamps show me I’ve been at this for 10 years. I know this because I just re-categorized all of my existing posts in order to try to bring some order as I move forward into a new year blogging. At times I’ve blogged about quilting, baking, preserving, my dogs, DIY, technology, crafts, trying to be more eco-friendly, and writing. Writing is the only one that halfway stuck. So this year I’m re-focusing on that. (I do still focus on tech for the professional blog tied to my resume.)

Jen Visser PhotoAbout Jen

I’m a marketing professional who is working on transitioning years of writing marketing copy, website analyses and other reports into writing these novels that keep poking at my subconscious.  I’ve wanted to be a writer of books since the first grade (at least) but the book I wrote (and illustrated) in first grade is the last one I’ve completed thus far.


May and Waldo expressing their feelings about writing time.

Seriously lady, let’s go for a run already.

I share my house with a guy who is soon to be my husband, three cats, and two dogs.  On Sundays I focus on writing – and this is how the dogs feel about it (left).  The cats are considerably more pleased with the fact that I’m sitting still, but they keep trying to sit on the keyboard.

I have several friends who are also authors who are doing cool stuff – Anne Ylvisaker writes amazing children’s books, Lyz Lenz is a prolific blogger and gets Twitter ten times better than I do. Lisa Gray Giurato is breaking into the literary essay realm and I’ve gotten to read her works in progress and can’t wait for her book to be in print so you all can read it too.

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