Is Pocket a Rival to Pinterest?

Pocket Bookmarking AppHave you tried Pocket yet?  Just last week a colleague and I who are both more visual for learning and memory were debating the merits of Pinterest as a storage vessel for all the web content we want to remember.  We agreed that traditional browser bookmarking tools just don’t work well for either of us, and there have been plenty of other bookmarking solutions that have come out over time, but none that have held my interested until Pinterest.  Plus, I can get to Pinterest on any of my devices – big bonus there when I want to reference a recipe while at the grocery store.

For me Pinterest is almost too social (I get lost there for hours) and, my account is too cluttered to use it for my work-related bookmarking.  I currently have 77 boards, only 3 of which are loosely work related.  The rest focus on food, interior design, random crafty things and wedding ideas. (Classic Pinterest, right there!)

This morning I got a note from Mozilla to try out Pocket.  I’d never heard of it before (sadly) though it’s been available since 2007 per their about info.  So far, it seems like a great fit – card style layout, I can scan visually, and I can sort by tags that I create.

Pocket My List on Desktop

My first set of saved content on Pocket in Firefox.

They’re on the bandwagon with a simple browser add-on to launch Pocket and store content and its capabilities reach far and wide, which means I can reference my links when I’m using my iPad in a presentation -almost as convenient as the grocery store:

“It is available for major devices and platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Windows. “

I even learned something new today when installing it, I didn’t realize I could modify my share options on my iPhone (don’t laugh if you did) and I was able to enable both Pocket and Pinterest. There’s a … on your share options, from which you can turn different apps on and off. Bonus

Here’s what the app looks like on iPhone5 (same content as above):

Pocket My List display on iPhone 5S

My new Pocket account on the iPhone.


Oh, another Bonus – when you search for the app, the second result in the app store is “Pocket Frogs”. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I’m thinking about it.

iPhone 5S screenshot for Pocket search

Pocket Frogs are peeking up from the bottom of this screenshot

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