Own That #Hashtag Like a Boss

How often do you check in on the Trends block on your Twitter feed?  Do you find yourself jumping down the rabbit hole on a popular #hashtag just to see where it’s going to go?  My favorite one recently was #threewords.  Last week it was full of a lot of young adult angst, and then a few gems where people owned it like a boss.  (This week,  it’s trending more around people using it to avoid saying “I love you”.  )

If you’ve ever wondered how you can jump on a popular hashtag to gain awareness of your personal or business brand.  Here are some of my favorite recent examples for #threewords.

Be true to your brand:

Add some humor while you stay true to your brand:

Tie your event to a trending hashtag – classy like the LBD reference

And, maybe the best use ever (unless for some reason you don’t appreciate The Beatles)

I haven’t done in-depth research into the source of the hashtag, but some posters are referencing Chris Brogan and his “My Three Words” take on the traditional New Year’s resolution as the root of the hashtag trend. #mythreewords is a variation that tends to refer back to Mr. Brogan’s theme more firmly than #threewords.

Need something to do on Twitter, or a method to familiarize yourself with the platform more?  Check out the trends of the day and see where it takes you.  Strategize a meaningful way you could incorporate appropriate trending hashtags into your Twitter plan and see if you get new attention from it.

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